Wednesday, May 23, 2007

europe itinerary: overly ambitious, sure to change!

june 7th-july 12th. we think it might go something like this: arrive london, stay 4-5 days. paris 6 nights at least (maybe longer if we can't bear to leave). lyon for a coupla days. marseilles to skate for the mister & me to lay on nude beach (do i dare?!) & eat bouillabaise. train to venice for quickie evening/walk around/dinner. definitely budapest - very excited about this. possibly prague (but i'm getting not so excited the more i read - sounds overdone & touristy - am i wrong?). definitely berlin. then if we can squeak amsterdam & belgium in we'd really like too. we leave back out of london. depending on our schedules & what not we'd love to swing over to galway to see a friend, but i'm not sure if we'll make that. i should have booked us 8 weeks for our first time traipsing around europe, not 5 - whatever was i thinking?! (probably about the bank account)

the mister is callin' on unarrived passports today, tomorrow we figure out the very confusing choices for eurail, call the banks so they'll let us have our money while we are over a faux packing so i know if i need to ditch some things. finalize shoe decision - for some reason this has been taking up an insane amount of debate for many? which ones? are they comfortable enough? what if it rains? what if i get blisters? what if i want to go somewhere fancy? what if i just want to lace up some sneaks? what if what if what if...groan.

of course, suggestions are always welcome here! let us know if you have favorites & not to be missed places!


Pootlecat said...

ok, here's what i think. you'll have a blast in london (you're staying with a friend, no?), but it is expensive. Paris you will either love or hate - I reckon love. Prague is beautiful, it is touristy now, but having been back after an 8 year gap it's still pretty cool. Buda and Pest are amazing, if you can get there you will just adore them (mind you it's 13 years since I was there). Venice, well, I've beem twice and it's ok...personally I think that it IS overrun by tourists and is overhyped. Of course, it's beautiful, but I think you're right in not planning to spend too long there. Whatever, you guys are so going to have a great time.

Pootlecat said...

oh oh oh, I! Don't shortchange berlin. It's a fab city with SO much going on, but if you try and do it in weekend you'll be disappointed. I lived there for a while and it is such a vibrant space if you allow the city to dictate to you rather than you try and tame the city! Vegetarian food though isn't always easy to find in Germany, but things are getting better all the time! Right I'm away, I seem to be hijacking your trip and blog!

meg said...

trying not to be too jealous.
why did i have kids again?

jenifer74 said...

lesley - we must have tea :) let's keep in touch via email & catch up!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Personally, I would give the 6+ days to London and the 4-5 to Paris, but that's me. I've been to Paris twice and didn't love it either time, although it has its good qualities - and Rudy really dug it. And because I lived in London for a short time and then have been back a couple of times, I guess I know it better.

I was in Belgium 20 years ago, so I don't think what I have to say is relevant, but I stayed in Namur and LOVED it.

As for shoes. That's a tough one. We shipped a bunch of stuff home after our second week of a four-week London/Paris trip, because we realized by then what we didn't need, or which shoes were uncomfortable for walking. That works for souvenirs, too!

I usually take one nice-looking comfy/utilitarian/go-with-everything pair (the Danskos always work) and one slightly more stylish for the possibility of going out to nice restaurants at night. :-)