Tuesday, September 09, 2008

monday evening times...

we went to go see beautiful losers last night at the lumiere. so so good. there is so much wrapped into that movie for us -- when we came out to SF, discovering margaret kilgallen, falling hard for her work...hearing of her passing away. being on the outside edges of that street culture/skateboarding/surfing/mission style community...it was really wonderful to see the artists profiled and then again, to be bolstered and reassured that making art is about just that -- *making* it...w/o all that rigamarole of who's getting gallery time and how fast someone else is getting recognition, etc. and it made me go, yeah, that's right, if i feel like making collage that no one pays attention too, that's just fine. totally fine. good movie - go see it.

then we grabbed dinner at nick's crispy tacos - yum, margaritas and fish tacos. we hadn't been there before and i really wanted to try those infamous tacos. next, we're going for $2 taco tuesday night! then, we wandered down to the ole the bigfoot lodge/bar for a g&t and a beer for the mister and a wind down from the movie. totally fun, especially if you dig on some sasquatch, which we do :)

tonight, i go to my first EVER dance class - i'm way excited!! i consulted with the dance diva, andrea/hula70 about what kind of dance class i should take. then, i discovered the rhythm and motion dance classes at the ODC dance commons in the mission. bingo. totally uncoordinated, never danced officially in her life me, completely responded to the description. and my bootie needs some activation to jiggle off some of that *2nd* bootie going on down there, so i think i'm gonna love this class! i'll report back tomorrow!

have a great tuesday folks! xxx.

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swampy said...

bigfoot? someone calling for a hairy back?