Sunday, September 07, 2008

another good sunday morning

another good sunday morning, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

woke up, hallelujah, it's a smidgie cooler in the bay area, i can see the fog rolling in over twin peaks -- it's about time, i have been frying over here in dogpatch. i went for my once-a-week jog (new running shoes; yay!) with loo dog. it's just me & her. the mister has gone up north to make a CLF (campmobile liberation front) drop off of a vw bus to a new owner. a new family in the fold.

i decided upon return from the jog, to ring up my momma & bake something yummy. hello buttermilk blueberry scones with molasses from my martha cookbook - why have i never seen you nor baked you before? you are quite delicious. i think i'll have another since i already demolished the one in this photo. yum.

and now it's ny times reading time. loo dog is snoozing in the sun and i'm ready to peruse my paper before i gotta hit that mile long sprout studio to do list - uh oh, it's already 12:19?! well, it's sunday ;)

& lastly, i have myself a nice cold tall "florine morris" to drink. heard of the arnold palmer? well, i dubbed my own after my grandmother. we didn't drink lemonade & iced tea, we drank orange juice & iced tea with my grammie growing up in the summer in virginia. so now i make myself a "florine morris" when it gets sweltering. cool & refreshing. any ole tea will do, this happens to be ginger peach, with oj. mmmm....perfect.

have a good sunday loves!


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