Friday, September 26, 2008

my first amy ruppel painting...

in the mail, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...a bird in a houseboat of course! because we like to carry our homes with us when we travel (via vw busses) i thought this one appropo. i love it and am glad i scored it - her stuff sells out wicked fast.

...i'm on my own this weekend/week - the mister is on a skateboarding trip in colorado. i've got a stack of about 8 movies to watch and chill out with. that's my thing when he's out of town -- lots of mellow time watching movies and reading and moseying around the studio. that said, i have plans to host game night with shash tomorrow night here - so there will be a big ole cleaning party before that happens. i have farmers market plans, fort funston beach running time with dixie loo dog, and visiting lisa's studio on sunday with ms mati. should be a fun weekend, and i'm sure i'll squeeze that do nothing time in there too :)

have fabulous weekends my friends.


swampy said...

is mister hangin wth john b. he is a fun dude..

jkeene said...