Monday, September 29, 2008

being 34

sometimes i can't believe i'm 34. the mental age doesn't go along with how i feel, how i perceive myself - i suppose this is a good thing.

i'm 3 months into my 34th year and i have a lot to accomplish -- there are definite things i have on "the list" -- i decided one thing i'm going to do is dance this year; and i've signed up at a dance commons and have gone to a coupla classes. i'm truly excited about this! it's so fun to move my body uninhibited and not feel like a total dork :)

another thing i decided is to pick up painting more - i dabble a bit, but i've had some ideas and i'm experimenting - i'll have some wip's i've been working on for several weeks to show you soon.

another -- to go to spain & meander back roads, and not only are the mister and i going to spain, we will be spending 2 whole months in europe this summer - hooray!! i'm so psyched about this. more on where we want to go later.

i like the idea of choosing 34 things to accomplish in my 34th year... baking bread has been on the list for a long time and i finally made 2 whole loaves of challah bread from scratch a few weeks back - yeah, it was pretty divine and yeah, i'll definitely be adding that one into my repertoire.

i also decided i'm going to go to a masseuse once a month as part of my stress reduction & to help manage my IBS. this is really not an accomplishment, as much as an acknowledgment that my health needs to be a priority and i'm taking positive charge of it.

regarding sprout studio, i also decided i'm pushing more for free press and i'm going after that goal. i need to actively market myself more and i've been working on getting my name out there. so far, pretty good - i have a long ways to go though.

there's a lot more on that list, but for now, these are where i'm starting. i think this 34th year will be a grand one...i'm starting out on the right track :)

happy monday!


Vi said...

"pretty divine"

-divine is such a divine word. want some dance/just jam/be whatever inspiration? watch janet jackson's "the pleasure principle" video. i can't sit still while watching it.


Katrina said...

aw, happy 34 and 3 months! i like the idea of a to-do list that is as many things as years long. although, i think i'd be totally overwhelmed with 31 and 3/4 things-- i'm not so good at pacing and fear i'd try to do them all in one month! i'm glad you're dancing, baking bread, and painting. all very good things, it seems.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Speaking of IBS, I made a recent discovery. I had tried probiotics in the past with no luck, and had given up on them.

Started taking them again for a different issue, except this time took a much bigger dosage twice a day. Also, these have 9 different critters in them... New Chapter is the brand, All-Flora is the product.

Long story long, this is working very nicely. I'm pleasantly surprised as I wasn't expecting any change in my gut.

tabkat said...

Happy 34!
I know my birth age does not fit my mental age what so-ever! I feel younger as I get older.
I like your list of 34... I wonder if I can pull off a list of 40 come this spring?