Monday, March 13, 2006

clay goodies over late late late, my eyeballs were closed...

last night we stayed up too late. but some of the ceramic treats went over before we went to bed; we had about a 5 hour set back (huge amount of time when you are trying to edit and proof) b/c another someone came over requiring some time of the mr.

so, the rest of the clay stuff should go over to the site tonight and hopefully more too. he's (the mr. half of sprout studio) has been slaving away all day while i'm at "the other job" ;)

i so want to just email all you lovely mailing list folks and give you my little dealio i have in the works...but i made a little promise that i'd have as much of the new stuff up as possible before i did that so you'd have the greatest selection of goodies to choose from...we'll get there. it's just discouraging when you feel so far behind.

anyone get their goodie coupon in the mail?

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