Friday, March 24, 2006

toothpicks in eyelids...

well, not really but. it's late. the mr. is out "wrenchin" (that means working on vw busses) and i'm here packaging up packages. i've decided it's better for me to package up sprout studio orders once a week. it takes me literally *forever* to get my goodies all together. i'm the slowest slow poke packer of them all. you could say it's because i take such time and care with my treats for you (which i do) or that it takes thoughtful, insightful musings to pick just the right free lovely to go into your package (which it does)...or it might all stem back to the 'jenifer takes ages to eat a meal' phenomenon (which...i do.) and if you have ever in your life eaten one meal with me you, this girl lovesssss to eat herself some food...but i just take forever! seriously, it's little bit of a humorous 'ha ha at jenifer at school' now where i teach b/c i'm so slow...anyway...what a tangent. i told you it was late and my eye balls needed propping open.

dare i tell you what i'm listening to right now? it's been a delve into the early 90's kinda night for me; huffamoose (any fans out there? obscure pennsylvania band? sonia?!) and now toad the wet sprocket. (joooo?!) sometime's it's nice to relive those early college/late high school rememberings again.

...& it's raining here in sf again (just like, '...& it rains in lindy's hotdog stand...' (ed?!) sorry, private joke with my virginia wonder peeps!)

one more package to go and then off to bed. perhaps an episode of 'lost' to take me into the la la dream land...


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