Monday, March 06, 2006

teasers teasers. lovely sprouty sweeties...

some of the fun new things i've been working on! have another photo shoot scheduled in the next 2 days so hopefully those necklaces (which is what we are waiting to shoot - it's been sooo rainy here; bah!) will be ready to post soon and then you all can have it!

thanks for your patience!



EdgerYurseet said...

Did you get a camera?

I see more pictures being posted.

jenifer74 said...! it's called making the mr. shoot for me ;)

i'm still hoping...maybe for the anniversary!

mi2 in CA said...

they are very cute and I like the shot! ^_^

Pootlecat said...

oh my goodness how fab are these things. i feel like an impatient child....'i want, i want, i want!'