Tuesday, March 28, 2006

busy bee

been caught up in getting ready for the noise pop show on saturday! making more necklaces tonight...searching for good bracelet theme pieces. making more vintage button rings too.

anyone else caught up in the darn 'lost' series? we downloaded it from itunes...oi! it keeps pervading my thoughts.

loretta lynn right now on the tunes, walk the line movie later as i search for fabulous imagery through stacks of folders and ripped out images and old books and all sorts of other places.

that's it.

except, i love the city i'm living in here in san francisco and feel so lucky to still be here. ;)



candykid6 said...

okay, i officially think that you should ditch lost for law and order. i'll bring you the seaon i have over break. AHHHHAAAAHHHAAAA! i still don't get what a noise pop show is!
confused in california

jenifer74 said...

there's this indie music fest; the noise pop fest; so i'll be doing a little selling at one of their shoppin' gigs!

bring me law and order - i wanna see that to --- what, you don't like lost?!

candykid6 said...

ohhhhhhh... okay, well have fun at the show! break a leg! and i am SO not a lost fan. don't worry. law and order is on the way.