Thursday, March 23, 2006

noise pop n' shop show!

so i'm doing the noise pop n shop show here in sf; saturday, april 1st, club six - 60, sixth st. 12-6pm. and ya know what? it's march 23rd and way closer to april than i was thinking - so i'll be busting out the goods this weekend and producing sprout studio treats like crazy! i also got the hugest shipment of glass pieces ever yesterday; i can now make glass piece reclaimed imagery jewelry FOREVER! heh hehee...

and right now at this very moment, the most hilarious scene is happening outside my office door; 3 little kindergartners have cornered the school counselor and are telling her all about their very dramatic problems (ie: "mr. e the assistant is forcing us to sit on the rug during reading time and that's not right" "we didn't get our goodie bags today and everrrrryyyy one else got there's" & it is freaking cracking me up to hear 5 yr. olds scream about their harrowing issues)

anyway...started a new scarf with beautiful ivory woolie alpaca yarn last night. yum. big fat seed stitch scarf. it's gonna be all for me! watched the movie 'me, you & everyone know' - highly recommended.

also, i was in the market for a yoga dvd around the holidays and i bought the seane corne one; she is wonderful. i love that yoga session! so if you're in the market, now you know! if you've got any other recommends for me, let me know.

3 beautiful little lemon triplets awaited me by my computer at school today; my principal left them for me (had formal observation today with 7th grade; 3 lemons = job well done!! hoorah!) -- it also means, spring is coming! and i'm very glad; i'm dying to get out hiking over in the north bay.

okay. that's all for now - i added loads of new interesting crafty type blogs down there in the links, so check them out if you feel so inclined!


shim + sons said...

Oh my, I'm so happy to have found your blog! Your work is amazing! I will return once my lil' one goes down for his nap!

jenifer74 said...

i just stumbled across your blog via's lisa's blog, i love reading hers, & i linked yours up so i could check in on it! your stationery pieces that ive seen are magnificent!!