Monday, March 20, 2006

light at the end of the tunnel...

so just a tiny little pricky might be shining outta my cart situation. we're aren't totally positive yet, but we are gonna work more tonight as yesterday was spent all day in bed lost, and literally we were "lost" in that dang tv series "lost"...we haven't done a stay in bed all day zone out in was kinda nice. granted, i was feeling sick, and it was a beautiful day outside (bummer) so it wasn't all fun and games, but still. it's nice to clock out every now and then, and since we don't have a tv, dvd's are little outlet and someone lent us the whole first season; there are like a million episodes?? obviously i haven't watched tv in ages (haven't owned one in 10+ years - hoorah for no tv's!)

so there's the new update about said overwhelming cart situation. i did manage to work on updating my earring section and as of today there are 5 new very springy, super cute pairs - different style than the ones i've been making; swingy, long, elegant, a wee bit fancy! the last bit of newness to update are my art journals; these are way awesome and i'm excited to get these up; one of a kind art pieces on the front of blank white journals; they are my cut up pieces right on the front of the journals. very cool. i love them. and i would keep them if it weren't for this little business and offering them to you!

hopefully by the end of this evening, or the latest tomorrow, i'll have all this figured out and will be on my merry way to one) a big fat break, and two) thinking of new things to make and three) preparing for the noise pop show here in sf on april 1st and four) hoping for spring to peek back out so we can go take some picnic-relax time!

ciao sprout bebe's!


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