Saturday, May 01, 2010

favorite things (1)

am jumping in here loosey goosey like with some other blogger ladies & a may project of favorite things that make the heart beat faster.

first up, tea time. specifically, tea time in a beautiful handmade mug by a friend with a vintage saucer to go with it. all favorite things!

i drink tea each morning & i have a home tea drawer & work tea drawer that is stocked quite well. i love my morning ritual of watching the tea leaves unfold & smelling the tea unfold into the air in the a.m. good stuff. favorite stuff.

we'll see if i can keep up with 30 some odd may fave's :)


Bonney boys said...

Jen, you aren't going to believe this, or maybe you will because you, like me, believe in serendipity...but Ryan has the matching (handleless) mug to your saucer! I found it for 5 cents at a rummage and we love it...we recently found a set at our local antique store but haven't purchased anymore yet.

sufferingsummer said...

This is one of my favorites too! Tea, especially in a mug that beautiful and loved is so lovely.