Monday, May 10, 2010

favorite things (10) new endeavors

i really didn't need another thing on my life plate, but i'm excited nonetheless that my mister & me have begun a home based art exhibition space, project sprout gallery. this is my friend shash & me on the opening day of our second show in the gallery. my mister built all the walls & we clear out our daily lives to make room to show work.

we were involved in a co-op art space, wonder gallery, back east in virginia for 4 years from 97-01 & it feels really good to be back in that art showing community again. it's sort of a selfish endeavor because i want to get back to making more art work & less product based work & move my business in a bit of different direction. on that end, both shows so far have been collaborative based between myself & another female artist from the bay area. i hope to continue with some more collabs & i have my eye on doing a west coast lady art show that i curate as well...exciting new endeavors definitely make my heart beat faster :)

perhaps sometime you'll join us for an opening? our next one is scheduled for the sunday of labor day weekend - my mister will be showing a huge collection he's been working on & 2 other artist friends will be showing photographs & there is chatter of a big band playing too?! it will be fun, no doubt - mark your calendars!


Bonney boys said...

i wish i wish i could be there. it looks fantastic- i love how light your space is!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

marked. :-)