Thursday, May 27, 2010

favorite things (27) my iphone's shakeit app

seriously, i cannot get enough of the shakeit application - everything looks better when shooken ;) i tried to resist the siren lure of the iphone, i did until my phone finally died this past summer & then i had to give up trusty ole verizon (which, in reality, i was going to switch to credo when that time came because they are an awesome company - drat apple for having an exclusive contract with crappy at&t) & make the switch.

but i am truly in love with my iphone, aka 'my precious' ;)

& the shakeit app? the deal. the only app i've paid for so far!


Cydney Alexis said...

you totally have to rewrite that as "precioussssss." I'm droiding it once my BlackBerry dies!

sufferingsummer said...

what is the shakeit ap? I have no iphone...though I agree in theory that everything looks better shaken :)

jenifer lake said...

i know cydney right? that's how i say it in my head :)

summer - look at the link up there for the shakeit - it's the digi answer to the polaroid!

Bonney boys said...

ryan just bought me an iphone. I'm officially in love with it and having a camera on hand always. I'll email you my #.

Jenn said...

do you have the hipstamatic app?!