Thursday, May 06, 2010

favorite things (6) finding quotes to love

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2 good ones from a book i just finished:

"all, everything that i understand, i understand only because i love. everything is, everything exists, only because i love. everything is united by it alone. love is god, and to die means that i, a particle of love, shall return to the general and eternal source." -- leo tolstoy

& particularly poignant for me right now as i struggle with with far left, far right & no middle ground with some people in my life, i am trying to hold on to this thought & get myself there:

"out beyond ideas of wrongdoing & rightdoing there is a field. i'll meet you there." -- rumi


Bonney boys said...

that last quote made me think of family gatherings and how crazy it makes me that we can't just have adult civilized conversation about politics and religion without everyone getting their panties in a wad...I could never understand why people are so threatened by other, perhaps differing points of view and opinions...but that's just haven't-got-everything-figured-out-quite-yet me...
and Tolstoy...yes.

Cydney Alexis said...

What beautiful quotations. I read them earlier today and they have sat with me all day.

jenifer lake said...

thanks you two; that rumi quote is staying close to the heart right now for me.