Friday, May 21, 2010

favorite things (21) paris

well, i fell in love with paris. i didn't really know if i would. i had plenty of friends tell me they thought parisians were stuck up, not nice, & generally did not enjoy themselves in france. quite the contrary for me. i went for the first time in 2007, and then last year for longer. i spoke the tiny bit of french i know both times (which really is small -- enough to order, read some, get the general gist of things & ask for directions) -- everyone spoke back to me in french which i took as a high compliment. & everyone was nice to us.

i love paris. the mister told me the last time we breezed through (we had a quick 8 hour stop over from berlin to london) that i smile differently when i hit the streets of paris :) i think that's lovely - to think a certain space moves me in a particular way that it's physically noticeable.

i could wax on for a long time as to why paris is special...but really, does there need to be any other reason other than to die for eclairs? (allll the food really) -- or, because their simple baguettes, for .90 euros are so incredibly yummy.... le sigh. i have my eye on 2011 to go again. hopefully, it will happen!

ps - i just watched paris the movie with juliette binoche & thought it was great. my other all time favorite is "2 days in paris" - with julie delpy. it is seriously hilarious. (oh, well, i have to mention french kiss too, love that meg & kevin)


Cydney Alexis said...

this is how i feel about all of vermont. and berlin. vermont moves me in terms of landscape, and berlin in terms of the way its architecture reflects the city's history.

Bonney boys said...

oh dearest, you beat me to it...Paris has been on my mind so much this week b/c my friend Hansi and her husband touched down there today. It's the first time for both and I had such fun giving them recommendations(they are staying in the same small hotel on the left bank that we stayed at our first time in 2001). We had thought we might go this year, but alas, not to be...perhaps 2011 with the Lakes?

jenifer lake said...

oh cydney; we *adroed* berlin this past summer!!

steph- 2011 baby, you bet!