Wednesday, May 19, 2010

favorite things (19) dixie loo loo

dixie, dixie loo, dixie loo loo, dixie noodle, dixie cricket, dixie pixie -- she is my favorite doggie - not my first, i've had many, but she's the crazy shelter pup dog of my heart. she's our southern belle baby for sure since we don't have any human ones! right now i'm laid up in bed with a pulled shoulder muscle & normally she is my bedside companion during sick bed days - alas, she is roaming the country with my mister in the grey ghost vw bus until i catch up with them in early june. i'm on my own, & it is sad indeed to not have her with me!

she makes us laugh, drives us crazy, is exasperating, loving, is incredibly dependent on us (she has separation anxiety in the worst way), & we love her to death. our neighbors all love her too; she's the hallway monitor in our building.

she's 8-ish & she's the best & i wish she was laying in bed with me right now!

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