Wednesday, July 26, 2006


(evil face, evil face) the mister just washed and DRIED a load of laundry with a BLACK INK PEN in there which EXPLODED onto at least 4 of my shirts - black spots *everywhere* -- any tips on how to get any of that ever?????



natasha said...

you could try oxyclean, it actually works pretty will foam where the stain is...if that doesn't work, they may need a new dye job, eh? most of my clothes look like a pen and 30 cans of paint exploded on them, so i wear overalls almost everyday. unlike the people on what not to wear, i know that i look like crap, but i hate ruining clothes. so, tank top or tshirt and one of 2 pairs of overalls almost every day. weekends i wear clothes. sometimes. anyway, try oxyclean.

i love the little birdies! so cute!

Pootlecat said... apparently the above works. How restrained you are, I once washed £100 that an ex had left in his shirt pocket (shirt was waiting to be washed). Amazingly it all came out okay, but boy he was mad with me!!

candykid6 said...

last week i got blue ink on my pillow case.... and i thought i was a dead man walking cause i didn't think that it would come out... HOWEVER i was making my bed this morning and after a VERY good washing with tons of tide my pillow case is clean again... SOOOOOO hopefully the black ink will come out !!!!!!!