Saturday, July 22, 2006

how much for that girlie in the window?

self portrait saturday. via reflection.

we shot loads of stuff today; just in before the rain is supposed to come! birdies, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hairpins, o my!
expect a nice sprout studio update forthcoming in the next coupla days; we gotta do color correcting and tweaking first - then posting and description writing. do folks that not own a small business have any idea how much work goes into updating? at least for us it is; maybe we are super meticulous. i've seen sites that are *not* housing meticulous owners behind them for sure...however, there are some sites that rock out and i know they spend lots of time making their site look gooooood.

which, tangent time, makes me crazy when i hear sniveling comments about how expensive handmade goods are. these people have utterly no concept of the time, energy, and effort put lovingly forth into most handmade items. so once again peeps, support those indie companies! (steps off mini soapbox to go make garden tomato sandwich - yum.) (feeling somewhat better; probiotices and calcium carbonate in the mix trying to level the intestine playing field...we'll see how it goes)


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sharla said...

No they don't have any idea. I do my best to educate my customers on all the behind the scenes work. Once they get it they seem to agree that prices are more than fair.