Sunday, July 30, 2006

thrifty goodness! (& other thoughts of course)

since the camera debacle (see previous) i have nothing to actually visually show you; however, i've been doing some major thrifting lately! mostly to clothe my wardrobe when i go back out west. i seem to have better thrifting luck out here. i have always loved to go thrift store shopping - i was that jr high and high school girl that liked to actually look different from everyone else; not the same. i was that crazy girl that tried to sew a lot of her clothes too - thus some kinda odd clothing choices, but you would not mix me up with those popular girls, oh no! i had my fair share of girlfriends that were "in" the popular crowd, because we all played soccer together; but give me my vintage thrifted clothes any day rather than all that esprit, guess, tretorns, gitano crap (am i dating myself yet?!)

especially now that i've seen "the corporation" twice (if you have not seen this, you must watch it!), i watched it quite awhile ago, i have been utterly convicted to avoid all those big box shops as much as i possibly can. not that i shopped at the gap and old navy and whatnot a lot before, because i'd much rather wear something vintage or thrifted/recycled or all cute and hip and sewn up by an indie designer, however; i have ceased to support those businesses AT ALL - and i've even found myself 'preaching' to my other girlfriends about avoiding them, $12.99 sale or not!!! i absolutely cannot justify anything made by those companies that is coming out of el salvador, and pakistan, and china. nope. not gonna do it anymore. so let me tell you this - what i will do, is buy those things at thrift stores (because they are recycled and i did not buy them first) and there is such an *overabundance* of clothing and merchandise at thrift stores; it's almost (well, not almost, it is!) appalling to buy all your things new. (well let me rephrase, hello, i like new, clean panties and bras just like the rest of us!)

i have purchased over the last few weeks, garments from the gap, j crew, free people, h&m, forever 21, american eagle, levi's, keds, lee, deisel, victoria's secret (jammie pants folks), luella, lucky brand, and many, many cute-as-can-be vintage shirts and skirts and other great goodies (fabric! trim! baby clothes for the girlfriends!) at our local thrift stores. nothing more than $6.50 a piece - nothing! most are in the couple dollar, i'll have lots of weeding to do out of my own closet when i get back to SF, but ya know what? i'll put them out in my hallway and someone will scoop them up and they will be recycled again - and i love that. so peeps, go shop those thrift stores and do a little boycotting! help the planet! help those underpaid workers! be a responsible citizen! (speech done now!)

today i am on my way up to my grandparents (now my parents) cabin. it's about 2 hours away and on a lake; nothing fancy schmancy - it's a down and dirty cabin with a wood stove for heating; although there are flushable toilets! just for the day - we'll take my nephew and let my parents doggies run crazy and if we are lucky, pick ticks off of us when we get back! (ugh) but, with no camera, i'm not going to be able to show you the pretty view off the point or the turtles sunning themselves or the fishing pier at the bottom of our little hill - or the rad old old old cemetary that used to scare the bejeezus out of us when we took our midnight ghostie walks when we were little! but maybe you can just visualize it all on your own!

have a great sunday yourselves and i hope to have some sort of recording device soon to show some of my world again. (maybe i'll try to get my parents camera, but lord knows, i don't know how to work it!)



Pootlecat said...

wow, great post lady. I'm feeling very ashamed after my (admittedly out of character) massive clothes shop on Friday. Thrifting good stuff's not so easy here. I used to buy heaps of cool clothes in thrift shops when I lived in Germany, but for some reason in the UK it's not so easy to find good stuff. Of course, when one does the joy is therefore even greater. I'm with you on this one, even if I'm quite rubbish at it. Hope you're weekend at the cabin is ace and you DON'T get any ticks - you don't want an evil disease like I got. Big hugs!

Pootlecat said...

p.s. sorry about that AWFUL typo at the end there - you would never think I get paid to proof read people's work would you!!! (hangs head in shame!)

Cathryn of Maine said...

I am completely with you on the thrift store shopping and the NOT shopping for brandy-new clothes every season. We women have been *brainwashed* into thinking that we must have new clothes, all the time -- sheesh! I went through an epiphany-conversion sorta thing about two years ago when I consigned a bunch of my overpriced clothes at a wonderful small shop here in ME -- clothes that I could not afford in the first place, mind you. I quickly became a devotee of the shop, where I never fail to score astonishing finds. The tide in my wardrobe gradually turned, and it now almost completely consists of clothes bought secondhand. It's way more exciting to look for new duds this way, as you never know what you'll find.
My conversion from yearner-after-expensive-new-clothes to seeker-of-beautiful-but-worn-clothes really got me thinking about how we view ourselves and others in our class and status conscious society. It got me thinking about what I really thought about MYSELF, and whether I still felt "good" about myself if I could not run out and buy the latest fashions.
A great book that I bought recently is The Budget Fashionista, by Kathryn Finney. While I do not consider myself a "fashionista," it's a very fun read, with very good ideas and insights about looking good, being comfortable with how you look, and really sticking to a budget.
Eh, sorry to hijack your comments, m'lady.
I'll send you a real email soon to blab on about our new house and the dogs 'n stuff.
Really, though -- THANKS for your speech. Hope you had fun at the cabin! :)

Meredith said...

I agree with you completely! I can't even say how many years it's been since I've been into a mall. I just can't see spending that much on clothes when the thrift shops are glutted with beautiful, sometimes brand new, really great clothing.