Wednesday, July 26, 2006

birdie peek-a-boos

so here are a couple more peeks for ya. i've got about 20 more of these little birdie-bye's here to get posting up on the ole sprout studio site.

beep beep, be-beep-beep: & here is the latest news in:

one - it looks like we aren't going to have this update done until next week. ::sigh:: the mister is going back to SF all weekend for a quick shoot and he doesn't have loads of time right now to be correcting and sizing my photos. (besides the fact we just spent an hour and a half fixing up some real nice photos for ads i'm going to be in this coming fall/winter holiday season - eeep! yes i did say "holiday" in july)...

and two - it looks like my crappy camera that someone picked up for me (found) that i was starting to use for some of this blogging (read: the good pics are with the mister's camera, the bad pics are with my piece of doo-doo camera)...well, it looks like it just bit the dust after the mister put someone else's card into it..."system error 10" when i open it up. ::double sigh::

i'm going now...i'm a mopey moped. and i even had a coupla thrifty scores to share; but not now with no dang camera...poo.


sharla said...

I heart the birds. They are so precious!

candykid6 said...

i spent 20 minutes watching a christmas special on QVC two weeks ago.

i thought it was pretty random.