Thursday, July 20, 2006

things that are making me feel better/get better...

*cutest little flowers from my friend patty (out of her yard!)
*my summer bike came back painted; with a bell, safety lamp, and red spoke decorations
*all the comments from you sweetest gals wishing me better health! -- ya'll have no idea how lovely those wishes were making me feel; thank you so very much. the online community can be so amazing!
*emailed information on my stinky ibs from some of you (thank you lb!)
*this post i love from mati rose's blog about living life...
*my antibiotics!
*my momma sending me health articles from dr. weil on the importance of acidopholus/probiotics while taking antibiotics (the mr. got them, i'm taking them, thanks momma!)
*i got all my packages together despite feeling not so up to par still. (yes, followed by a hug nappie) (does codeine wig anyone else out - it makes me feel crazy loopy...)
*being able to sit on the pier last night and watch the sunset, the baby heron's feed, the muskrat's do their muskrat thang, and seeing the jellies again; this time floating back out with the tide.
*watching a big ole lady spider, whom we affectionately named mirabella, spin an entire web last night; amazing.
*having the luxury of sleeping in until 10am knowing i don't need to be anywhere or do anything but heal myself. that is so comforting to know.

so thank you to everyone for helping me get better!


(& c from maine - those are my fave flip flops *evah*! i love those reefs - good to hear from you - email me sometime soon. i want to hear more about your house!)


natasha said...

i know how much it sucks to be sick all the time and i get panicky that i will get sick whilst out, so if i feel a bit sick i am never sure if i think i am or i really am, because if i go and we are far away and then i get know the drill. you aren't the only one that freaks out. a big issue is getting it under control. once you feel like you can somewhat control what is happening to you or at least understand what triggers it, you will be able to deal with it better.

i have the same wretched flu with the ears plugged up, a gross cough that makes the cats run away, snot city, that is my home right now. it ain't pretty.

i am glad you are better. take care of yourself!!
i would smooch you but i don't want to make you sick...

candykid6 said...

yay!!! see your feeling better already, I was starting to get worried cause you sounded like you were really freaking out there for a moment.. SOOO i'm glad you found a whole mess of stuf to calm you down.... anywho have fun sleeping in, i'm pretty sure you deserve it after all THAT-