Friday, November 23, 2007

buy nothing day today

...did everyone adhere to buy nothing day, by buying nada, nary a thing? :) i did, by lying around in bed, watching a movie that together makes me sentimental, makes me crack up, and sigh about my crush on luke wilson. i did not purchase a thing. i love buy nothing day. it such an awesome movement that needs more support in a huge, global way to make an impact.

i also was laid up in bed due, yet again, to my ibs. ugh. coming off meds is just no fun. enough said. i was productive in cutting up sprout studio stickers and business cards though and i made a trip to the p.o. to drop off my first round of holiday sprout packages...the orders are starting to come in, especially with the new site. it's very gratifying & heartwarming. & speaking of gratifying, tomorrow i will give my list of blessing/gratefuls/the many things i am thankful for...stay tuned.

for now, i will continue to lay in bed, stare at flickr, and listen to my belly roll around and drink my ginger tea! i truly hope your thanksgiving, for those that celebrate it, was lovely and spent with family, friends or loved ones around you.

more later friends :)


Anonymous said...

i felt so conflicted while doing an event today. but as it turns out, i only sold one thing. so i guess i didn't support a shopping day after all! i'd much rather had been at home doing what you did!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Friday was Buy Nothing Day AND Do Nothing Day for us. It was awesome. We did have to go out to feed some friends' cats, but we mostly laid around in front of the tv, drinking tea, watching season 2 of Arrested Development and laughing our behinds off. Such a great day!

Jodi said...

I had to buy rolls at the store for lunch, and a few things for dinner for my kids in the car from a grocery store. Does that count? I hope not. I felt bad even buying those items!