Wednesday, November 14, 2007


eeep! looks like we are LIVE: revealing the brand *new*, refreshed, redesigned, hot, hot, hot sprout studio site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so many new, new goodies & some old faves as well. i'm really happy with it all. :) it's actually in the throes of being propogated and redirected, so if you can't see all that newness yet, hang tight for another tiny bit until the web gets done doing it's thang!

i'll be sending out official announcements next week - but feel free to browse around & shop if you feel so inclined! (i hope everything works! do tell if you see funny buggies won't you?)

i have some backend clean up to do and few tweaks to some areas, but on the whole, i'm THRILLED! :)


have a terrific weekend - mine is full of two shows!

3 fish studio show in dogpatch & felt club in l.a.



M. said...

Congratulations! I really love the birdie x2 cocktail earrings :)

Vi said...

it's UP! i like it. actually, i kind of love it.

mati rose said...