Monday, November 05, 2007

the sprout studio insanity sunday run

this has been my world as of late - the holiday season always seems to be soo busy. i become a little production bee with the week after christmas being my secret reward to chillll.

let's see - it's been a bit since i've posted. i've come & gone to the rare device opening; super fun store & yes, i wanted wayy too much in there. i'll be going back to shop for sure. (photos on flickr) i was able to enjoy the company of shash & mati again that evening - such sweet ladies.

over the past weekend, between frenzied making/photographing/cataloging/inventory-ing etc...for shows and the *new site* (i'm sooo excited for it) we also went to see annie & eric's studio right across the way from us. annie is super cool, chill & fun to hang with. i'm looking forward to doing her little holiday show in two weekends.

then came last week; first thursday art hopping night, meet up with a favorite student who is now a freshman, work on site, work on site, work on site!

friday night we had a dinner party get together over in sausalito - way too much wine for this girl (she paid for it though later that evening with her sad IBS acting up. sigh.) but it was a way fun night of raucous laughter & conversation. i work with great teacher ladies and their mens are just as awesome.

saturday was another all day strapped to new bean bag chairs nursing my feeling-not-so-good belly & knocking out more stuff on the new site.

and yesterday, well, yesterday was that scene up above. crazy-ness.
and for some reasons, orders have been kinda slow, but not this weekend - crazy! i guess everyone just realized in cyber shopping land that the holidays are coming.

i'll post a few more photos from the weekend and some sneak peeks of goodies for the new site today.

hope all is well in your land - sorry i didn't have enough time to copy & paste all the linkies i wanted to share with you. maybe a little later...


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Sian said...

I like that you too have pumpkins sitting around. Looks busy.