Thursday, November 08, 2007

more on the want me list

item #2: figs & ginger tree necklace swoon. and also from f&g item #3: fawn earrings

and i almost had some items from this cool shop on the want me list but i slipped and pushed the buy me now button instead :) linotte's shop found via the lovely ms mati.

hope your thursday is going well. i'm actually holed up in bed with a big headache and little bellyache trying to take it easy and missing diana's opening :( i very much wanted to attend the party and score one of her babushka kerchiefs, but alas, when the body says no, i know enough now to recognize and honor that. there will be more parties with fun ladies in the future.

and tomorrow is friday. which means the lovely weekend is fast approaching.

cheers all.



lisa s said...

i missed diana's too - i wasn't feeling well either....

hope you are better!

wendy said...

i want that necklace too!!
hope you are feeling better.