Monday, November 05, 2007

my new "want" list

i think i'm going to use this blog post as my new sticky "all about things i might need this holiday season" -- because a gal needs a good solid place to keep a list like this one. one where say, a lovely friend might come by, and decide to purchase her equally lovely friend (me, ah-hem) something special for the holidays. ha. not really, it's more like, it goes like this -- hey bl(that would be the mister), here's my list of things i might like to see under the tree........december 25th rolls around, hey! where are my gifties? him: "i decided to go shopping with you & get whatever you really want"...he's a keen guy, but he's not the gift buying before an occasion kinda guy. and that's okay. i end up just purchasing what i like anyways. it almost works better that way. so this list is ultimately for me. my shopping list for me. thank you me. :) feel free to make a list of your very own on your blog. maybe someone sweet will check it. maybe you'll get a sweet giftie under your tree/for chanukkah/or whichever celebratory gift giving occasion you indulge in.

item #1: bird bowls


Pootlecat said...

oh yes, wish lists are great. i have an amazon one, a wist list and one on trunkt. notably K has NEVER bought me anything from any of these lists, but I do purchase myself nice things from them from time to time! good luck, let's hope bl is more receptive!

matirose said...

beautiful bird bowls! i hope you get 'em:)