Friday, November 16, 2007

more goodies for me & maybe for you! maybe you can think of this little list of "wants" of mine as a mini shopping guide for you too :)

here's some more goodies: bok choi bag how cute will i (you) be marching around your farmers market with this slung over your shoulder?!

or who can live a day longer without these amazing mimosa knee socks?!

i was looking through nikki mcclure's amazing book collect rain dropslast night at needles & pens when i dropped off more of my goodies to sell there - & i just love her new book. beautiful, big, yummy paper & just right to sit with a cup of tea and savor all those quiet, lovely images. breezy, who owns n&p told me they were going to have another solo show of nikki's work in february - she sold out last time. here are some photos from her last show on a wet & cold night...(featuring the mister & me gabbing her ear off!)

& last on the list for today, is some queen bee. i have a tote by her and a wallet the mister gave me ages ago that still looks new - i *love* queen bee's goodies. since i've been riding my bike more to work, i think i need this messenger bag gingko truckette -- & who here among us is not in love with the gingko? :)

my list is growing, i better find some more st. nicks!

have a fab weekend friends, i'll be supah busy and hopefully dispensing mad amounts of sprout goodness around the california lands!


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