Thursday, November 29, 2007

i've been ever so good st nick :)

the promised list of more goodies (that of course i want, but that you might want too!)

*orla kiely umbrella i love orla. i do. i know everyone else probably does as well, but i so adore her stuff. i'm watching a fun bag on ebay and i dearly need some more orla mugs - anyone know of a US distributor who sells her mugs?

*the quart quartet container set from the small object. this has been on the list for a while! & one other thing from that awesomely talented sarah: the good wood feeling flip

*annie galvin's bear painting we already have a bear box, and have our eye on a 49 mile seagull, SF painting, but i heart this bear a lot :)

*this stamp: it's always worth it i think i need to stamp it on the outside of my sprout studio packages!

that's it for today, i have many, many etsy faves that i'll share later!!

have a good thursday - i have the mrs. potter movie that just came & i'm very much looking forward to settling into a big ole bean bag chair tonight and having a watch. i packaged a ton of orders last night & i'm exhausted!!



shash said...

good stuff. i really enjoyed miss potter!

Vi said...

hahaha. your x mas list is going to be like a billion things long.