Saturday, August 12, 2006

back in SF - hoorah!

more to report later, but i'm back - after flying on our nice red alert days; eek! went to sfmoma yesterday to check out matthew barney & a japanese photographer, sat outside of the moma with my yummy scone and mocha to survey my lovely sf streets and what they had to offer up to me, went camera shopping with the mister -- before he leaves we are getting me something!!

farmer's market this morning; beautiful sunny day with just the right amount of cool...ahhhhhhh....soo thrilled to be back... now i just need another 2 months in my city before i start back to work - ha!

market booty: locally made honey (lilacsi - yum), green peppers beautifully streaked with red, little bitty sweet wine grapes, tomatoes, garlic, onions, portabellos, yams, plums, kale, collards, corn, strawberries, chinese eggplant, thai basil and gorgeous flowers!! all under $25!!!! i love my farmers market!!

more later - off to unpack and putter around while the mister is on his little jet set l.a. flight down south to rescue yet another vw bus (at least this one is not for us; thank goodness for small mercies!)


ps - i am nailing that boy down to a date to upload all my new sprout studio products. i know we are terribly tardy on that end...


candykid6 said...

green peppers streaked with red?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! sounds like a good deal with me. what kind of flowers?

wendy said...

I love farmer's of my favorite things in the world...and california knows how to do them right!!

candykid6 said...

damn straight wendy.

LB said...

We saw the Barney exhibit last week while we were in SF. I think I'm a pretty intelligent person, but boy, there are some artists I just don't GET! I mean, intellectually, I get his basic themes, but the way he expresses himself. Wow. I think he might be a little crazy! What did you think of the exhibit?