Saturday, August 19, 2006

eep! no internet!

no internet = no posts...i'm at a friends stealing their wireless...

we'll figure it out soon & then i'll be back to posting regularly!!



candykid6 said...

eep! is right. i couldn't get connection for like two days and honestly felt like someone had pulled the plug on me. which now that i think about it, is really really pathetic. okay i change my mind. i would have felt like someone pulled the plug if my computer wasn't working. it's basically the closest thing i have to a child but then again i am only 15......... hey, we totally need to hang out before ndv starts and i have to go back on sunday *GAAARRRRR* what are you up too early this week?

p.s. i've decided that whoever(is that one word?) you are wendy, your pretty cool.

Pootlecat said...

hooray - you're alive!