Monday, August 07, 2006

me & the mister

me & the mister, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

we had a little send off bbq for me; of course there was skating involved! just a little sample of some of the norfolk peeps who came 'round! i'm feeling more ready to get back to SF; a building bbq is in the works to catch up with everybody in cali - & i'm ready to see my pup and take a short trip down south (yes, candykid, "down south") & make some art trip runs; there is a ton to see!

on the sprout studio front; all pics uploaded of new products, they just need to be inputted - but we got sidetracked with the mister wrapping up his first semester of teaching and me saying my goodbye's to everyone (there are so many people to see off!) & now we gotta git to packin' - i've secured my pick up from the airport so i'll be safe and sound and in my west coast bed by thursday night!


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candykid6 said...

what down south as in my south or down along the coast?!?!?!? the east people look pretty Kool, and those are some sweet pictures.