Thursday, August 24, 2006

okay...still haven't figured this out...

we still are trying to figure out our internet; but i'm back at school and can periodically be online i won't be a total stranger. also, fabulous news!! i finally bought a camera - hoorah!! a little canon and i love it and i'm going to start posting pictures as soon as i figure it all out!

also, very sad news indeed; the mr. left today for his stint with teaching back east...& here i sit allllll allllllone at the coffee shop using there internet access. very lonely already. just me and the ms. dixie loo noodle.

now, i gotta go catch up on my mail, and business, and general computer junk while i have some time here at the shop, so...more later and pictures will be coming for sure!! yippeee!


oh yeah!! i almost forgot to tell you, over at ole sprout studio, we updated necklaces, bracelets and a coupla other treats here and there! go have some fun lookin' around!


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candykid6 said...

take a picture for me