Wednesday, August 09, 2006

dominion derby girls

dominion derby girls, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

derby girls on the loose!! we went to go see the va roller girls; the dominion derby girls practice a "bout" - it's private but i got to go see them b/c the mister was photographing and my lady friends who are bad ass enough to do this let me come since i was going to miss their first out n' out session since i'll be back in sf. the dirty deisel darlins' vs. the femme fatales! it was super fun! i was also trying to decide if a. i lived back here and b. if i were to try out in sf, if it was something i would want to do. verdict: i think i'm too much of a wimp! i decided that if i was on that rink and slammed that hard and was so exhausted from two hours plus of skating and then got yelled at by some super tough gal that i might just up and cry. and that would be the end of derby career!

these gals are super duper toughies and it was a lot of fun seeing them strut their hard core selves around that rink. i also learned the whole lingo and how they score points. i also made up my own derby girl name - shh, don't tell though - (they all have alter ego names like tsunami sue, holly go bite me, pachuca loca, sweet n' lowdown, hard hittin' honky, becka the wrecka...etc...!) i'd be "dolly duke 'em" - that is, in my fantasy derby girl round where i wouldn't end up being one big fat bruise!

had one final round up dinner last night with 8 of our close norfolk friends (in which apparently i made one of my lovely good friends extremely angry - i didn't even realize i was arguing with him until he ceased to talk to me. root of the problem; i am an idealist and a utopian...but we won't dwell on that little sour note... ah-hem...) and today, i'm packing up. and this is going to be one big feat. because, i have a whole heck of a lot of STUFF! &, i had to get one more thrift run in yesterday in which of course, i found more cute things i needed to purchase; banana republic jeans ($2.99), amazing japanese inspired long off white vintage dress ($3.99), 2 vintage button down collared shirts for the mister (each at $2.99), one pair of beautiful vintage long white gloves ($.99) - now i need to find a soiree/fete to go to - one handmade cute as can be vintage turquoise dress with embroidered birds on it for one lucky little girlie (my friend jo's little one), one poppy red samsonite luggage carry all ($2.98), a pair of brand new with tags express pants (with the $58 tag on them for $7.98 i scored them) and one more totally cute handmade vintage dress that ended up not fitting me so well, so i'm going to sell it on ebay one of these days. (that was quite the run on sentence there; sorry grammar folks!)

so, that was just one run, and i did like, uh....clears throat and rolls eyes, 20 or so thrift runs this summer. so i have a lot. but the cool thing is, i'll leave some of it here and when we drive back together around the holidays, i'll bring the rest of it back to sf.

but oh my, the packing. eep! i better get started b/c it's almost the crack of noon!

flying tomorrow so probably won't post unless i get stuck somewhere or find free internet!


(here i come california! yay!)

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LB said...

OMG. I can NOT believe your thrift shopping escapades. I have yet to find the good thrift stores in SF, and we're going to be up there in a little over a week. Would you be so kind as to send me some recommendations for good shopping?

Maybe we can meet up while we're in town!