Friday, November 17, 2006

gathering & frustration mode

i was going to precede this little post with a cute picture of some mushroom friends i found but flickr & blogger have ceased to talk to each other; they must have had a big ole blow it b/c the 2 of them have not communicated very well at all in the last week & it has made my life difficult and my blog visually boring! do tell, has anyone experienced this? & what's the deal with the beta blogger? what is this? do i need to upgrade? i'm thoroughly confused! flickr is telling me that my blog doesn't even exist anymore...huh? i think it exists still...are you reading this now?! are we in some weird non-parallel universe? very confounding...

but, back to my gathering post; i must go do the frenzy-circle-around-dance & get ready for my show tomorrow...if you must know, i still have sprout studio goodies that need to be glued & fashioned and sewn -- eep! & considering that half my stuff is strewn across another room on the other side of the country from my previous show (crafty bastards) & said room was dismantled by lovely mister before coming out & my frantic, 'grab the little red polka do suitcase' & 'i need my felt sprouty sign', & 'look in the red tupperware for my appliqued shirts' & 'eeeek - where's my cute vintage ceramic pot to hold my business cards???' ...obviously readying for a show from 2 different coasts has me a might frazzled. maybe i'll pop a few shots tomorrow & if flickr & blogger have mended there ways and kissed & made up, i'll be able to post some pics...if not...i have no idea?!

wish me luck tomorrow :)



sharla said...

I've been having the same problem with blogger and google videos. Used to work fine and then suddenly this week it says my blog doesn't exist. Maybe blogger is trying to force us to upgrade!

Anonymous said...

I've upgraded and since upgrading (a few weeks back) I've not been able to post pics from flickr at all. Smell pants to them I say. Very excited to see the new sprout goodies. Glad to hear (read!) you writing with a spring in your step again! (how many metaphors can i mix!) x