Thursday, November 02, 2006

2007...please come quick.

anyone else ready for 2007 already? probably not. i'm reading everywhere how excited everyone is for thanksgiving, & the rest of the holidays...but not me. i'm in a funk. now i know i've been sick, which is contributing to this melancholia...& that my mr. is not with me...but still. i just am over bad, sad news. a friend/good acquaintance just passed away - last evening...she has been struggling with cancer & when i saw her last this summer, was in remission...& then i get the phone call. she was in her 30's...her *thirties* crazy...of course, tears (my trusty watery friends) surface...& i think, 'i am so done with all of this'...i'm ready for a new start. a bright morning. some happy sunshine in my equilibrium...i'm done with the over-wrought i crawled into bed last evening...not even 6pm...pull covers over my head. try to relax. try to focus on the positive.

i gotta figure out how to shake myself out of this...maybe i need to buy myself a treat. :) maybe i need sweet, no?

it started raining last night; & it fits well. i'm liking the gray skies & wet trees. i go in for my CT scan tomorrow - not looking forward to that either. i have to drink this nasty stuff to light up my insides...3 times i have to drink loads of this crud. i'm over making myself feel sick in order to see why i'm sick... what a complainer i am...give me cheery news folks, i want to hear happy comments damn it!

i also promised i'd post more about business so here goes the sprout studio news: i'm doing a trunk show on the 18th of november with the san francisco craft mafia - i think the only holiday show i signed up for. staying very low profile...but it shoulud be fun to hang with the SF craft peepers for sure...



candykid6 said...

poor jl! however the prospect of being able to glow appeals to me. let me see if i can come up with some good news for you...
ooo i got some,
a. at twilight the campus becomes alive with these divine moths that flutter about the trees
b. it rained this morning and then the sun broke through
c.if the good weather's here you nor cal folks will get it soon
d. cat scans have a beginning and an end.
e. you'll never ever, hit rock bottom
f. i can run really, really fast
g. you live in one of the most delicious places in the U.S. love life*

jenifer74 said...

i knew there was a reason i love you! those are wonderful, good things & made me smile :)