Wednesday, November 15, 2006

happy day

the mr. comes back in for 10 whole days tonight! hoorah! laze around next week and do whatever nothingness that we feel like doing while celebrating t-day with neighbors! perhaps even sneak fun southern coast drive to l.a. in...

but before laziness comes a SHOW...(um...the only one, yes, you read that right, the ONLY one i'm doing this holiday season on account of me being so freakin' sick...but i'm on the mend darn it!) so, sprout studio will be in the house this saturday for my trunk show with the san francisco craft mafia, at the craft gym from 12-5...we got a flavorpill mention so ya better come early and score those excellent handmade goodies before they are all gone! :) please come say hi to me; i'll sneak ya something fun for sure! for their postcard they used a silly picture of me with one of my handknit hats & felt pin - it actually is pretty cute if i do say so myself - ha! of course un-savvy me tried to figure out how to make a pdf an actual picture i could post to flickr and then to here, alas...i am a technology buffoon (first i typed buffooB - i think i like that better, i'm a computer buffooB; it sounds like the female version; like in french where there is a male & female 'le' or 'la' attached to buffooB i am!)

off to cut down coupons of other rad indie businesses to hand out at the show & send packages out...


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