Thursday, November 16, 2006

holiday shopping...

it is sooo very hard for me to keep my money in my pocket when it comes to the holidays and spending on myself...i know, shame on me...but i end up looking at such wonderful, handmade gifties out there & inevitably i want them allllllll forrrrrr meeeeeee...oh santa, i'm sorry i'm such a greedy girl!

but i did purchase this for my mother in law (but in better colors, she already took the pic down of the one i got her) & also got her these lovely cards from the same etsy seller. she loves asian-ey type things so i think these will suit her well. (i only ended up buying one set of bird cards for me, honest, just one set!)

now, i also did a little shopping for my dear momma. i got her a very cool owl hoodie from fluffy co that she was admiring when she came to rescue her sick ole daughter. (okay, okay, i only bought ONE cuff for me while i was fluffy co shopping - pinky swear!)

i am coveting: this new print of camilla's & i was lucky enough to get one of mav's now sold out calendars (ah-hem, yep, calendar is for me) & her beautiful 'twinkle' card for the mister's special christmas card (that will hold a *very* special giftie inside...secret's not out yet; when it is, you'll know too!) well okay, i'll give you one hint, i bought two of the melamine plates from lena corwin to give him as clues, but i can't tell you yet, because what if he is a sneaky pete and looks here too?! so i'll just let you guess which 2 i bought us (HIM, i mean him...i wasn't thinking about me at all & how cute they would look eating a yummy veggie sandwich off of...scout's honor!!)

i'll show more as i cross people (me-hee hee) off my list - i'm making a bunch of sprout studio gifties for friends & families too - & if you want any sprout studio lovelies for the amazing peeps on your little (big?!) list ya better hop to it; after december 13th i'm not shipping out any more orders until after the new year - i'll be chugging back across the country in little ms. vw bus holding my dear sir finally coming home to stay (hip hip hooray!) & lots of other crap we've had in storage at our friends, families & acquaintances homes for near onto 5 years now...and *shocker* they want their space back now. greedy people wanting their garages & attics back...poop!

okay, enough rambling for me, off to ride the crazy bus home & work on stuff for the show on saturday!



Sweet Lady Jen said...

All of that stuff is cute, especially those cards. And darn you for introducing me to Lena Corwin...LOVE melamine. The in-laws think there is something wrong with me, I registered for quite a few melamine goodies!

Thanks for the Christmas heads-up...

jenifer74 said...

i know i loved alllll of those melamine plates; i really had to control myself & only purchase 2!!