Wednesday, November 29, 2006

super behind - eep! far i only have my large necklaces updated over in sprout studio land...hairpins & shirts have been photographed & are awaiting time for the mister to input (yes, the goofy shirt model, me, is a bit embarrassed by the photos...i need a better model next time, any interest?) a coupla wholesale requests i'm trying to fill & even though i'm not doing any more holiday shows, i'm still feeling the pinch to be super motivated & productive.

i really want to go to shash's art/craft/glogg holiday party & sale on saturday, so i'm trying to get caught up!

bought the cutest little tree pouch at egg press yesterday. i have loved their cards forever...& i was so excited to see this pouch over there after having bought the little card with the same design a bit ago. and yes, i know, it was for me...sigh...i'm still thinking of others though whilst i go about indie business shopping! i also picked up 2 shirts for the mister from threadless as they are having their $10 tee shirt sale. (i did get 2 for me too...2 for the mister, 2 for me! fair is fair!)

off to do sprout work...ta ta!


Anonymous said...

ha ha - i too fell for the threadless sale and went a shopping! we're waiting on four tees to land on our doorstep as well!!

jenifer74 said...

ooo - which ones did you guys score??

Anonymous said...

I got the yellow one for vegetarians who eat rainforests for my mad veggie pal and my boy! the typewriter one for me (don't know why but i like it) and the 'nuts' one with squirrels having a hold up - made me giggle! Hmm, just realised I got two t shirts out of that - good work there I think! Wish they'd hurry up and arrive!