Thursday, November 09, 2006

still no muriel/mirabella...

well, i've always been fond of the name mirabella for quite sometime...but maybe ms. mac thinks she's a betty little mac lady (oh, please come home soon) will henceforth be muriel-mirabella :)

& since i can't post photos w/o m-m, i'll give you this instead:

sound vacations, brought to you from shari's blog...this one is my favorite. shut your eyes when you listen...and breathe in deeply. you'll feel better already, i promise :)

i think i might hit ye ole sewing machine this evening & fiddle around with some projects. i love seeing everyone else's super duper pillows, and whippin' up skirts, & fun little clutches & bags & belts...(check out this faboo belt made from sarah's twill tape...that's my next project -- except i'm going to use some vintage ribbon sewn to some canvas webbing to make mine...i'm hoping sarah will start selling those because i would snatch one up in a mili-second. tomorrow i'd like go see a movie all by myself - suggestions?

& who else is soooo excited about how the ole democratic process turned out here? ohhhhhh yeah baby! hello, nancy pelosi first woman speaker of the house - hoorah hoorah!




natasha said...

my mac was sick(is sick, but temporarily working) too. not cool.

as for your feeling bummed out, just try to remember that it is totallt normal to be bummed out when you feel horrible for a while. normal. in addition, i don't know if you are a medication kind of person, but antidepressents helped me feel a lot better. it made my illness much more bearable (although sometimes i really wallow) and not feeling really anxious about everything might help your tummy not to act up as much. i am glad you are feeling a bit better.


candykid6 said...

tamen to that sound advice from a seemingly wise sage. hope little mirabella comes back fully charged. as for nancy, i get to meet her next week.

jenifer74 said...

thanks natasha :) i *am* on some a.d./muscle relaxer & it definitely is helping me...

ck - when do you get to meet nancy? rad!

candykid6 said...

it is divine, at a luncheon next tuesday.