Wednesday, November 29, 2006

mmmm...for real?

i hit try again about 40 times to post this picture; flickr says it's blogger's faults & they can't do anything...? i think i need to do the switcheroo to the beta blogger but i'm scared i'm going to lose everything...anyone have experience with this yet? anyone? bueller? bueller?


Anonymous said...

I switched - all is fine! I didn't lose anything but I was v scared I would! Everything, pics, comments, template changes are all there. I think the search engine thing works better on beta. The only thing I HATE is that I can't get rid of the blogger bar at the top now whereas before I had ditched it!

Anonymous said...

I switched and had no problems. I do like that I can now categorize posts! Maybe C&P your template just in case, but you should be fine. I guess they'll eventually switch everyone over regardless at some point, from what I read.